Ready for unbelievable encounters?

Ready for unbelievable encounters?  by Yolanda Logt

Is your client looking for an ultimate incentive experience in nature, other than an African safari? We asked our SHARE TODAY followers to share some suggestions. Read the top 5 safari ideas that are a sure ticket for a thrilling ride!

Tiger Patrol!

Tracking tigers in India is one of the greatest and most exciting wildlife experiences on the planet. Imagine sitting in on open vehicle or on the back of an elephant enjoying the sight of this incredible creature with their cubs or even hunting, if you’re lucky. Several wildlife parks offer accommodation combined with safaris. Note that the environment is quite different from the density of Africa and not to compare, but for sure it’s a unique experience! Best time to travel depends on the wildlife park. For an experience now watch this.

Meet Mr Jaws!

Every one knows the movie Jaws but encountering the Great White yourself is a different story. South Africa, to be precise Gansbaai, is the place to be for shark encounters. If you have the guts, you can hop into one of the cages moored to the side of a boat and go diving with the Great White sharks to get a very close view. A scuba diving qualification is not needed, as air tanks are not used. The cage is of the floating variety and made with 12 mm galvanised steel mesh. It allows you to enter the sharks’ environment safely and enjoy the exhilaration of being only centimetres away from these mighty beasts. If you can’t bear the thought—surface viewing is almost as thrilling but from experience I can tell you: go for it!

Howling Wolfs

Telltale tracks, chilling howls in the moonlit night and the chance of a rare glimpse of the wolf are all just what you came for when going wolf tracking in Sweden. The tension rises when walking into wolf territory. Fresh tracks make the thrill even more exciting, indicating these sleek animals are in the vicinity. To be in a wolf-hunting ground adds extra spice to life, to stay overnight, knowing the pack is in the neighbourhood, will be an experience you never forget. How to track wolfs?

Black vs White

Everyone loves bears! Feel the excitement of taking part in a program that offers the opportunity to see both polar bears and black bears on the same adventure! Polar bear watching in Northern Canada is a unique adventure and an experience of a lifetime. You have the chance to view the Lords of the Arctic up close from special tundra vehicles, overnighting in an exclusive getaway in the middle of the land of ice and snow. During October and November, the polar bears of Churchill migrate toward the Hudson Bay, waiting for freeze-up so they can go out and hunt seals. Wake up at the fringes of the Arctic and watch tussling polar bears through your window…It is now possible to experience wild polar bears in their natural habitat as part of your high-end incentive program. For a limited time and a limited number of visitors only, this once-in-a-lifetime five day incentive program is offered in October during the best polar bear viewing time of the year.

Want to have a peek? Click here or here More info:

Gorillas in the Mist

Uganda, Rwanda and Gabon are the countries to track gorillas. Face to face with this huge, human-like, black-furred animal must be scary but at the same time an unforgettable experience only a few people will ever have. Part of the fun of tracking gorillas is trying to follow them through the dense foliage, especially when looking for the mountain gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda. Just think of what a reward it would be to finally encounter these world primates, sit in the grass with them and feel their presence. See this extraordinary gorilla encounter by clicking this button.

Important note: please make sure to use the right partner, those that put conservation as one of their major concerns. If you need help feel free to contact us via

Special thanks for those replying to our questions in order to write this article. Photos: Yolanda Logt, Frontiers North Adventures and Distant Frontiers



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